Discovering You Workshop Overview

In Discovering You, the goal is to discover more about who you are. This workshop is designed to present the various puzzle pieces that make you into who you have become and to guide you to grow into a healthier you.

How did you get here?

The significant question we will attempt to answer is not “Why am I the way I am?”, but rather “How did I become who I am?”. Asking why leads to judgement. How questions drive into the process and pieces of your formation. “How have I been put together?” vs “Why have I been put together?” are different paths. Discovering You focusses on how, and leads to understanding who we are and how we can be healthier.

Who are the influencers in your life?

There are many people who have influenced you along the way; a pastor who guided you, a teacher who invested in you, a coach who taught you teamwork, a friend who encouraged you, among many others. All of these people have played an important role in your development, but none as much as your parent(s) or primary caregiver(s). More than anyone else, a parent significantly impacts how you are put together. Discovering You will show how your family tree impacts who you are and how understanding that impact can change your future path.

Putting the Pieces Together

In many ways, we are simply unaware of the various puzzle pieces that have come together to form us into the people we are today. By discovering and learning about all these pieces, you will begin to understand yourself from a new perspective… to Discover You. Our workshop will help guide you to discover what an emotionally healthy self looks like. When you become healthier, it impacts every area of your life. Better emotional health leads to better parenting, relationships with family and friends, and self esteem.

Workshop Topics

Our workshops are designed to be interactive, making the schedule somewhat flexible. Each session will discuss one of the 5 Key Puzzle Pieces for Growth.

  • Discover Your Family Story
    • Generational History
    • Emotional Connections of Family
    • Developing the Genogram
  • Discovering Your Development
    • Brain Development
    • Attachment
    • Adverse Childhood Experiences
    • Developing a Timeline
  • Discovering Your Design
    • Fear Based Response
    • Human Blueprint
    • Individual & Relational
    • Emotional Levels of Health
  • Discovering Your Family Process
    • Generational Emotional Shifts
    • Marriage Processes
    • Adult Attachment
    • Bonding
  • Discovering Your Growth
    • Emotional Health
    • Holistic Wellness

Workshop Sessions

Discover Your Family Story

Every Individual has a family story that precedes them. You’ll learn how and why your family’s story of three and four generations back maters to you today.

Discover Your Development

Your developmental years and childhood experiences have an impact as you grow up; you’ll learn why it matters now.

Discover Your Design

Each person is designed similarly. You’ll learn how survival instinct, stress response, anxiety, and free will impact your life.

Discover Your Family Process

You’ll learn how what you discovered about yourself in sessions 1-3 comes together. Your story is a process, and you’re affected by it all: previous generations, attachment and bonding, sibling position, and the health of your parents’ relationship.

Discover Your Growth

None of these sessions matter if you don’t know how to apply them to your life. After each session you will have the opportunity to reflect on the material and take notes to guide your growth. The final session will detail the Eight Dimensions of Wellness.