Guy and Christy Van Drunen

Guy Van Drunen Jr.   Founder and Workshop Creator

Guy holds a Master’s of Science degree in Marriage and Family and a Bachelors of Arts in Biblical Studies. He has been a Clinic Manager of a community mental health clinic, Healthcare Home Director and an adjunct instructor of Psychology at Baker University. Guy serves on the Board of Directors at St. Raymond’s Society as a member at large. He is also a Certified Wellness Coach and a Master Resiliency TrainerGuy enjoys working with his hands and home remodeling projects. He is currently writing a book based on his work in Discovering You.

Guy and Christy have been happily married for several years and enjoy spending as much time as possible together. One of their favorite things is making popcorn and binging on several Netflix and Amazon Prime original series. As a couple they enjoy going out on dates and sometimes singing a little karaoke. Guy & Christy reside in Missouri with their two teen boys, 2 adult kids outside the home, 2 cats, and 2 dogs.

Guy’s “Discovering You” Journey

Guy is originally from Harvey, Illinois, a south suburb of Chicago.  His parents divorced shortly after he turned 3 and his mother retained custody.  When Guy was eight years old his father purchased a 160 acre farm in Marceline, Missouri and took over custody of him that same year.

Right after high school Guy joined the Army and served nearly 5 years of active duty, serving in Germany and Colorado.  He continues to serve in the Missouri National Guard with over 16 years of service.

Guy’s passion for understanding how relationships work began in his youth as he wanted his marriage and family not to have to go through the dysfunction he experienced.  He believed that if he took his family to church God would be able to make his relationship healthy.  At the same time Guy felt the need to attend college and pursue his education.

After he received his Bachelors of Arts from the Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, Colorado, he pastored a small church in Cortez, CO.  After two years of pastoral ministry, Guy felt that he needed more education to figure out the issues with his marriage.

He struggled with his feelings of dissatisfaction in his relationship and wanted to overcome the years of marital struggle.  He wanted happiness together.  He and his family moved to Missouri for Guy to work on his Master’s degree.  Even with many years of education and endless marital counseling he was not able to save the relationship and the marriage ended in divorce.

Guy’s personal struggle and motivation to understand and overcome are the reason that the Discovering You workshop is unique.  He has lived it, overcome through understanding the code of the healthy relationship, and now lives a happy fulfilled life.  This is the deep stuff people long to know.  He speaks to the issues from a different perspective than any other relationship conference.  He doesn’t offers empty clichés rather, Discovering You is a science based application to help individuals manage their lives in a healthier way.  He enjoys teaching, creating a classroom environment which is much like a college level class, so participants can engage the instructor and feel comfortable asking questions and discussing sensitive topics.