Change Your Thinking, Discover Your Self

Your PAST intertwines with your NOW,
and impacts all your relationships.

It’s simply YOUR STORY.

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Discovering You Workshop

Through learning about 5 key puzzle pieces, based on scientific and Biblical principles, you will gain a more complete understanding of your story, design, and development. These puzzle pieces form a path to more emotional health, and to healthier, happier relationships.

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This Workshop has been rescheduled.
New Date – January 26, 2019

9:00am – 5:00pm

5 Key Puzzle Pieces for Growth

Discover Your Story

Discover Your Design
Discover Your Emotional Health
Discover Your Story’s Process
Discover Your Growth Steps

Guy Van Drunen Jr.

Guy’s personal struggle and motivation to understand and overcome are the reason that the Discovering You workshop is unique. He has lived it, overcome through understanding the code of the healthy relationship, and now lives a happy fulfilled life. 

This is the deep stuff people long to know. He speaks to the issues from a different perspective than any other relationship conference. Full Bio

Responses from Workshop Attendees

Very Interesting!

It has helped me understand why i do certain things the way I do.

The self-awareness allowed me to look at why my current actions need to be changed and how to frame them in order to change

Helped me to look at myself. I see the past in some of the things I do.

Informative but made it light and humorous.

I enjoyed completing the genogram. 

I enjoyed writing out my timeline.

 He is funny made it enjoyable.

Learning where I came from effects me today.

I learned a lot about myself why I am the way I am, how to change and get better.

Gave me ideas how to deal with past situations and how they could be affecting my life.

I didn’t understand the situation in my family until the family tree helped me to connect the dots.

This actually made me stop and think about my interactions with personal relationships.

Knowledgeable, Informative, Passionate, Real!

Helped me to understand why I do certain things the way that I do.

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